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Wolf gloves are a five finger molded lead glove covered in resilient brown Naugahyde. Supple enough to pick up small objects, the Naugahyde resists wear and corrosion. Our gloves can be ordered in 12” or 15” lengths and are available in .5 or .25 lead equivalency protection with inside gloves and genuine leather for greater flexibility and durability.

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Developed with the physician in mind, these radiation reducing gloves offer the best protection with the greatest dexterity, sensitivity and comfort compared to similar products. Ideal for Radiology, Cath/Electro Physiology, Orthopedic Surgery, Endoscopy, Urology, and Pain Management. Ideal for all high exposure procedures where sensitivity and protection are essential. Color - brown. Order as many or as few as one pair at a time.


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Protects full palm, thumb and back of hand. Finger opening for holding animal

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