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Mobile System

Radiology department is designed for the appropriate use of heavy service. Free love, lead apron hanging system with a capacity of maximum 30 different models can be locked-wheel mobile system. The lack of easy access and storage for the love of aprons of the course kept deformed system. "The course aprons carrying capacity of 22.7kg for the love of the steel is recommended."

Apron Racks and Hangers

Heavy Duty Chrome construction designed and manufactured for strength and rigidity. Apron Rack is portable and easily maneuvered from room to room. Mounted onto four swivel locking casters with rubber wheels. The apron rack provides stability even when fully loaded and when swivel casters are in a locked position. Our special “H” frame design allows easy access from both sides of the rack. The Apron Rack has a 1/12” round horizontal bar that will accommodate 10 + aprons and most apron hangers. Maximum weight is 300 lbs. Designed to aid in eliminating the creasing, cracking or folds in Lead-Lined Aprons when stored in an upright position while hanging loosely. (Hangers not included, sold separately)

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Wolf’s wall mounted 5 apron storage unit has 5 pivoting apron hangers that fan out 180°.
The Penta-Rak holds up to 110 lbs. maximum weight. Specifications: 4- 5/8" H, 17" W*.
Approximate shipping weight: 30 lbs.
*with center arm at 90° angle from racks, depth is 22”.

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Apron Hanger

- Hold five aprons with easy access. For space saving convenience, arms swing
- flush to the wall.
- May be ordered for right hand or left hand swing.
- Steel hanger arms are mounted in nylon bearings for ease of movement.
- Glove arms may be substituted for Apron Arms.

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Designed with the busy radiology department in mind, the Deca-rak has 10 pivoted arms that fan out to 180°. It is mounted on locking casters and has a finish of chromium and white. Also available with only 5 arms.

Specifications: 54"H x 54"W x 20"D
Approx. Shipping Weight: 125 lbs.

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